Are Face Masks Required In Hair Salons?

Masks and face coverings will no longer be mandatory in England from Thursday 27 January, the Government has confirmed. However, guidance on close contact services, including hair salons, is yet to be updated. Prime minister Boris Johnson made the announcement today (Wednesday 19 January) that outlined the changes and stated that the ‘Plan B’ restrictions that have been in place during the Omicron wave will be lifted.

Face masks in hair salons: Is it mandatory?

Mandatory face masks and face coverings will come to an end on Thursday 27 January. In his announcement, Boris Johnson said that the Government “will trust the judgement of the British people and no longer criminalise anyone who chooses not to wear one”.

In his speech, Boris did not  state that face masks didn’t have to be worn in salons and close contact service guidance is yet to be updated.

However, he recommends wearing a face covering or mask  “in enclosed or crowded places”, and  if you are meeting with people you don’t usually meet.